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As one of the fastest growing commercial diving service providers in this offshore industry, we offer a broad spectrum of services.

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At Divetech Marine Engineering Services, we go where many would rather not go and do what many would rather not do. We’re in the business of diving into the depths of the vast blue ocean and providing solutions to all your underwater engineering and survey needs.

Skillful Staff at Your Service

Making a splash in 2009 in the Middle East, Divetech Marine Engineering Services LLC has grown into a prominent frontrunner providing diving & marine services in the UAE today. The Divetech founder Director is a retired Indian Naval Special Forces officer with over 17 years of experience in strategic planning, operation and maintenance, project management, HR management, Ashok Kumar, with Sidharth Murali and Innovation group.

The cornerstone of our approach has been “people first,” wherein we place immense emphasis towards personnel retention, which is the backbone of our organisation. Consequently, we enjoy the lowest attrition rate in the industry.

Our core strengths have always been experience, knowledge, skills, client management which are already available aplenty, so Divetech soon moved into areas that are said to be considered ‘high risk’ in terms of workmanship, technicality and commercial feasibility.

Our Dive staff come with a vast experience & expertise primarily with an ex-navy background. This gives us the cutting edge in executing projects which test our grit and tenacity under very challenging circumstances.

We operate as Divetech Marine Engineering Pvt Ltd in the Indian subcontinent and have completed projects in both western and eastern coastal regions. Divetech Marine employs over 200 personnel through its three multi-site divisions; Diving & Marine, Rope Access and Survey.

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We manage financial resources and study how they affect the overall health of the industry.