Employee Outsourcing

To help you with hassle-free handling of your HR related activities and processes, we offer a complete employee outsourcing service.

People Outsourcing

We provide permanent and temporary staffing solutions via a thorough process driven approach. Innovations UAE is one of the first outsourcing companies to be compliant with the Ministry of Labor’s (MOL) revised regulations. We have five offices in the UAE and five offices in India to recruit quality talent that matches the expectations of our Clients. Our 2 decades of experience along with our current workforce of nearly 8000 outsourced staff provides us with a proven track record of expertise & excellence in talent outsourcing.

Our Key Service Differentiators are


Independent & in-house recruitment department with consultants engaged in 360-degree client-management

Detailed mapping of relevant industries and competitors analysis along with an extensive in-house database built over 2 decades.

External platforms to source the right talent like print, digital, referrals and headhunting.
A dedicated desk for recruitment for UAE nationals and supports our clients in Emiratization.

Hire-to-Retire HR Solutions

A dedicated Account Manager for every Client, who leads an experienced team of HR operations & finance personnel throughout their engagement with us.

The team is operationally responsible for collection of employment documents, visa processing, employment certificates, employee records, monthly salary payment, pay slips, end-of-service benefits, annual benefits, visa cancellations, and more.

Services Outsourcing

Sales Services

Innovations UAE launched the variable sales model of sourcing business on behalf of our clients in 2004, with the objective that customers pay for business and not for people. Our current focus is on retail products for banks and financial institutions and we’ve tied-up with all the major banks in the UAE. We have achieved successful results for the banking industry in the areas of sales, distribution & collections, covering retail products in the UAE like credit cards, personal loans, personal finance, auto loans, mortgages and payroll. We also ensure secure callback processes to ensure compliance, backed by product knowledge. Our work in sales outsourcing is supported by a strong 100-member team including sales personnel, telecalling staff, sales supervisors, quality audit, MIS and a dedicated support team.

Call Centre Services

Our in-house call center handles both inbound and outbound calls and services, comprehensively encompassing customer service and telesales. We also extend collections services for debt or payment recovery. Our industry coverage in this segment covers banking, telcom retail, hospitality, utilities food & beverage & entertainment. We operate through an efficient CRM which enables smooth functioning of the process.


Our payroll process for outsourced employees is compliant with the Wages Protection System (WPS). We have a dedicated payroll team supporting employees from our client companies on all aspects of payroll such as monthly salaries, leave, pay slips, employee records, and so on.


We fully manage the pension services for all UAE National employees working across our clients in Dubai & Abu Dhabi in government & private sector. Our bilingual team who are fluent in Arabic manage the pension accounts and supports the employees through all stages right from account opening, registration, document submission to account management.

PRO Services

We offer independent PRO services for small, medium & large enterprises. The array of services would encompass government and official paperwork, notarization, academic document attestation, trade license renewal etc. Customized service is provided by our experienced bilingual PRO’s by liaising with government offices and managing the activity through the various stages of approvals.


Banking and insurance
Banking & Insurance
Construction & Real Estate
IT & Telecom
IT & Telecom
Retail & Entertainment

4000 pre-approved visa quota at all times.

On-boarded over 40,000 staff till date.

Automated & customizable HRMS…

Separate Trade license for Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Skillful Staff at Your Service

When setting up or expanding your business, requires a whole team of professionals with various expertise and skills. Setting up or expanding a business requires a great deal of time & effort. In addition to the setup costs, a lot of time is lost for businesses focusing on HR and Admin related issues. Here at Innovations, we aim to help businesses focus on their core specialization and leave the hassle of office setup and staff support to us. Our expertise in HR, Admin & Payroll services leads to reduced costs and higher efficiency for businesses we offer our support to.

Innovation provides complete employee outsourcing that covers:
  • Employee Secondment Services
  • Project support staff
  • Technical Staff (IT, Telecommunication, Engineering)
  • Sales and Marketing staff
  • Administration support staff
  • Reception Support Staff
  • Office Management Staff
  • Telesales Staff

Our 15 years of experience uniquely helps us identify the perfect talent for your company.

We believe in building long term relationships shared by the passion to serve your interest. Our commercial propositions match your imperatives by offering you solutions between capital spent and revenue generated per head count. We actively seek partnerships to achieve your goals and help you grow your business, faster.

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