With more than 6000+ staff, we specialize in providing permanent and temporary staffing solutions. Our process-driven approach enables our company & your outsourced function to get started quickly and effortlessly.


Modern companies have realised that having multiple processes to perform different tasks in the same company make you lose focus from your core expertise. This led to outsourcing of processes which are not entirely important for companies.


Think soft services is a part of Innovation Group which helps companies and government with human capital management in IT. TSS is one of the largest and most experienced providers of technology services for human capital management in IT.

We value talent and find opportunities to reward your skills


Well Organized Firm with Highly Trained Staff and Qualified staffs who sorts any HR Related issues For the staff immediately.... They are completely well systematic with their Policy & Procedure and most of the reports are generated with system and they do not entertain Manual System
DU has been Working Witn innovations For Several years now. We can confidently say that Innovations caters well to their clients requirements; they are always keen on improving their services by customizing their efforts to fit each particular clients needs nnore effectively
Innovations bas been one of the exclusive outsourcing partners with Citi. The level of service offered & the quality ot deliverables has been commendable over the years. They are prompt in their responses and have are professionals, who provide high quality service and ensure that the turnaround timelines are fully complied with...
The level ot service from Innovations has been good. They are one of the Very few companies in the mnarket that are regulatory connplìant to outsource staff to banks Witnin tne UAE... The account management team assigned to Barclays are always prompt in their service and the turnaround time to process a request is good


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  • Innovation Abu dhabi, 1903 19th Floor, Al Wahda Commercial Tower Adjacent to Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE