What We Offer

Recruitment Service

Specialized recruitment service to match the perfect candidate with the provided job description.

HR Solutions

Combination of talented professionals and automated HRMS to efficiently manage visa & work permit processing activities.

Payroll Management

Team of skilled accountants to process attendance and compute staff salary calculations.

Accounting Flexibility

In-house built ERP to automatically calculate contractual overheads and provide customizable invoices.

We’re here to handle all of your HR related activities and processes so that you can focus solely on growing your business. Innovations offers a complete employee outsourcing service.

Why Should You Outsource Your Manpower With Us?

Scale Your Workforce With Ease

Easily expand and contract your workforce at a large scale with one simple email to us and we take care of the rest.

Reduce Fixed Costs

Clients do not require expensive fixed support costs of internal recruitment, HR and payroll departments.

Be In Control of Your Overheads

Our monthly fees is charged per outsourced staff. Costs and expenses will reduce if staff strength reduces.

Mitigate Your Risk

All legal and medical liabilities are our responsibility as your outsourcing provider.

Protect Your Cashflow

We incur all expenses upfront but spread the charges over the contract period.

Industry Expertise

Banking & Insurance
Construction & Real Estate
Engineering & Logistics
IT & Telecom
Hospitality & Retail

Here’s why we’re the
#1 permanent staffing
company in the UAE

We provide you a dedicated account manager to manage all your recruitment, HR & payroll concerns. Having a single point of contact drastically increases your communication efficiency.

We provide you a state of the art ERP system which is built in house and is completely customizable to mirror your existing HR & accounting process.

We provide all our outsourced staff with an employee self service system which allows them to raise multiple types of requests and view their documents & payslips with a touch of a button!

We are flexible and we understand that with people and HR there is no “one size fits all”. We treat each client’s process uniquely and understand their business and industry needs and tailor a customized HR process.

Innovation provides complete employee outsourcing that covers:

  • Employee Secondment Services
  • Project support staff
  • Sales and Marketing staff
  • Administration support staff
  • Reception Support Staff
  • Office Management Staff
  • Technical Staff (IT, Telecommunication, Engineering)
  • Telesales Staff

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We manage financial resources and study how they affect the overall health of the industry.

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