5 Benefits of Taking Up A Temporary Job through an Agency

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Temporary jobs are gaining popularity because of the freedom they offer. Temping is a great way to consciously break away from the monotony of work while having a chance to explore different opportunities. Employees are free to choose a job that best fits their needs. While temping is tricky due to job insecurity and lack of benefits, it remains a popular choice among employees in a wide range of circumstances.

Why Temporary Jobs are on the rise

Time-bound jobs that last for a few days, weeks or months in a full-time or part-time setting are increasing. Employers prefer to hire temporary employees for such tasks. Casual and seasonal work also falls under the category of temporary jobs as per the definition of the ILO.

Employers may resort to temporary hiring in a number of situations, including:

  • To meet labour demand during the busy season
  • To fill in for an employee who is on leave
  • To help out with special projects
  • To fill a permanent position through a temp-to-hire arrangement
  • To meet the demand for a flexible workforce during recession or slowdown

Temporary workers are a part of a staffing agency or work independently. Employing temporary workers allows companies to meet short-term labour demand while avoiding wastage of time and resources in running full-fledged recruitment campaigns. It gives companies access to a flexible labour force which can be scaled up or down as necessary in response to market demands.

Advantages of Temping Agencies

Being associated with a staffing agency means you are on a payroll of the agency as they negotiate the jobs on your behalf. Here are some top benefits of working with a Temping Agency:

  • Expertise

    Agencies have a higher level of expertise that exceeds an individual capacity. When it comes to temping, staffing agencies can provide you with multiple options that fit your resume. Your exposure to multiple jobs greatly increases with job boards and being a part of their talent pipeline.

  • Less Risky

    Temping agencies have to come true to their promises with the employer as well as the employee. As a temp employee, you can rely on the agency to negotiate a favourable deal on your behalf and ensure you get timely payments from the employer. The risk of losing money or delayed payments is considerably reduced here.

  • Faster Hiring

    Temping agencies have close ties with the human resource departments of leading companies. That tackles the worry of unemployment periods between jobs. Since you are pre-screened by the agency, you simply have to fill the job and not the interview slots.

  • Time-Saving

    One of the major benefits of working with a temping agency is that you save on time looking for a job yourself. They know your requirement, whether you want to work part-time or full-time. Only those jobs that fit your criteria will be sent towards you.

  • Other Benefits

    Apart from monetary security, staffing agencies care about your safety and security. Many agencies offer multiple benefits such as health insurance and social security.

Psychological Boost

Some people use temporary or part-time work to test the waters before a career change. Arguably the biggest advantage of going through a temping agency is the psychological boost it provides by offering the above advantages. Whether it is a homemaker or a student, working professional or jobseeker, temp staffing agencies can help professionals of all hues by imparting self-confidence through financial wellbeing and a sense of achievement.

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