5 Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Telemarketing Campaign

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Are you using telemarketing to reach out to consumers?

Businesses utilising outbound calling as a marketing strategy can improve the results dramatically by making some strategic changes to the campaign. These modifications can increase efficiency by improving key metrics like conversion rate, calls per agent, call quality etc.

Even though your campaign may be producing satisfactory results, there are always ways and means to move it up a notch. Find out how you can gain more from your initiative through critical interventions designed to raise productivity and enhance your ROI.

1. Better Targeting

If you want to improve your telemarketing campaign, it is necessary to start at the very beginning: with the calling list. Incorrect names and phone numbers can result in a great deal of time wastage compromising your productivity. The problem can be avoided by ensuring that the service provider is using an accurate and updated list.

A good calling should list the name and number of the person who makes the decisions for your product, sorted by demographic and psychographic profiles if possible. It should also contain relevant details about the customer to enable the agent to build a rapport.

2. Re-examine the Opening

The opening is the most crucial part of the call where the customer decides whether to hang up or listen on. Dull or drab openings will fail to pique the interest of the consumer lowering the success rate of the campaign. The best way to grab the customer’s attention is by opening with a pain point or a benefit related to the product. It makes sense for clients to re-examine the introduction with a view to making it more engaging.

3. Re-assess the Script

Along with the introduction, clients should review the rest of the script to ensure it is relevant and compelling. A good sales script possesses the following qualities:

  • It is brief and to-the-point without sounding curt
  • Talks less about the product, more about the benefit to the consumer
  • Asks gentle probing questions
  • Includes a solution to the pain point
  • Contains responses to queries and objections

One of the chief criticisms of using sales scripts is that it makes the conversation sound mechanical. The problem can be addressed by ensuring that the script retains flexibility to enable the agent to have a real conversation with the prospect, without losing focus on the key objective.

4. Leverage Technology

The use of technology can make life considerably easier for agents. Predictive diallers, for instance, display the details of the prospect on a screen along with a script to facilitate the calling process.

Call centre service providers normally use various telemarketing software to enhance efficiencies and boost call volumes. Clients should probe the vendor about the solution they use to understand its effect on the calling process. A modern telemarketing system is able to store call logs, organise prospect data, and deliver insightful analytics, while providing a seamless outbound calling experience. They can also facilitate remote work while being compatible with a wide range of devices.

5. Modify Call Timings

As timing is one of the key reasons for sub-optimal hit rate, your service provider should dial customers when they happen to be least busy. For example, if the prospect is an employee, it makes sense to call them outside of work hours—preferably in the evening or on weekends. Conversely, if the prospect is a homemaker, it is worthwhile to call them precisely during business hours, when their spouses are at work and their children at school.

Timing is also crucial while reaching out to decision-makers for B2B services/products as they have limited time on their hands. Agents should ask when they may call back again if they cannot speak in detail in the first attempt. Despite dearth of time, managers are generally open to hearing pitches that address a significant pain point in the business, or have a tangible effect on the bottom-line. Calling them at a suitable moment can help your agents gain their attention and deliver an effective pitch.

Response to Objections

Any outbound telesales, telemarketing or lead generation campaign is prone to objections which hinder conversions despite the customer showing initial interest. Some of the common objections that agents frequently encounter are:

  • Too expensive
  • Don’t like the product/service/contract
  • Already using another product/service
  • Don’t have time to speak with you right now
  • Need to speak to team/spouse/manager

Noting the common objections to devise responses is an effective means of increasing the conversion rate. A successful telemarketing campaign is the result of three Rs—relevance, rapport, and reward (benefit). The above recommendations can help you help you enhance all three to craft a winning telesales campaign.

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