6 Things UAE Recruiters Look For In A Resume

6 Things UAE Recruiters Look For In A Resume
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Expats make up the bulk of the working population in the UAE, so when it comes to hiring, factors like the validity of qualifications, its parity, work permits, approach towards inclusivity etc. play a vital role, besides the usual requirements of qualification and experience.

If you are looking for a job in the UAE, it is important to understand what recruiters want to see on your CV. Here are a few points you should consider if you are applying, to give yourself the best chance of getting shortlisted.

1. Job Objective 

Positioned prominently on the first page, the job objective section is a key part of your resume. Your objective must outline your career aspirations, but also indicate your willingness to relocate. Candidates based outside the UAE or even in a different city within the Emirates must affirm their willingness to shift. Recruiters often look at the job objective to assess whether to carry on scrutinising the CV or skip to the next one.

If you are based outside the UAE, remember that getting a work visa is a rigorous process. And if you wish to bring your family, you need to meet certain criteria for obtaining dependent visas. Understanding the demands of relocation is, therefore, vital before signifying your willingness to move.

2. Job Locations 

Whether you are a local candidate or an external one, listing previous job locations will help recruiters obtain key insights into your candidature. If you are already employed in the Emirates, that would make it easier for them to hire you. It would also imply that you are already familiar with aspects of living and working in the UAE.

On the other hand, if you have global work experience, with job postings in multiple locations, that would mean you would be able to adjust well to an international business hub like the UAE. Recruiters want to know about the location of your previous postings because it gives them a clue into how you will adjust to the new setup if you are chosen for the job.

3. Specific Qualifications 

Many of the in-demand jobs in the UAE now are in healthcare, education, and IT/telecom sectors, apart from oil and gas. These are technical sectors requiring specific qualifications. Recruiters hiring for these sectors will look for precise information on the candidate’s qualifications prior to shortlisting. If you have studied outside the UAE, they would want details regarding the same to assess the validity and parity of your qualifications. Candidates applying to jobs in the UAE should list details including course, institute, country, year of graduation etc. to make it easier for recruiters to evaluate the application.

 4. Employment Dates

Candidates must include the complete details of their employment duration down to the month while mentioning their employment history. Many positions have a minimum experience requirement, and listing exact dates makes calculating it easier for the recruiter. If you have taken breaks from your job, be sure to mention it. At the same time, do not omit any relevant experience including internships as they could lend weight to the application.

5. Part Time/Full-Time Experience

 Besides mentioning exact dates, it is also important to specify the nature of the employment—viz., whether it is part-time or full-time employment. Certain types of jobs are open only to those with full-time experience. It is important to mention these details in the resume to avoid elimination of your candidature due to inadequate information.

6. Other Factors 

The large expat population in the UAE means you will have to work with people from a variety of regions and backgrounds. Candidates must be able to communicate readily with colleagues from different cultures. One of the key factors that recruiters try and gauge from your CV is whether you will be able to thrive in a multicultural setup. Your previous companies and postings, college, university etc. not only serve to denote the quality of your training and experience, but also provide crucial insights into your ability to work harmoniously in a collaborative environment.

Providing the Required Information

The UAE is very open and friendly towards expatriates with the right set of skills and qualifications. Should you decide to apply for a job, start with ensuring that your resume has all the required details to help the recruiter to shortlist your application.

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