7 Temporary Jobs that Can Help You Strike a Good Work-Life Balance

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Not everyone is able to take up a full-time job. If you are a student, homemaker, mother, or someone that cannot engage in a full-time role due to other responsibilities, a temporary job could be ideal for you.

Unlike full-time jobs, temporary jobs require you to work for a pre-agreed number of hours each day or week. Depending on your convenience, you may opt for morning, afternoon, evening or night shifts.

Here are seven temporary jobs that can help you divide your time between work and other responsibilities, which do not require you to be occupied for a full eight hours a day.

1. HR Recruiter

Most companies today are competing among themselves for talent, making them open to hiring part-time head-hunters. Your job requirements would include having telephonic interviews with candidates, arranging meetings between the company and candidates, updating job ads, conducting background checks, and keeping relevant records. Someone with prior experience as a head-hunter can do the job, though having an HR degree or diploma will help.

To source potential candidates, you will need to scout professional platforms such as LinkedIn, StackOverflow, and Behance. You will be expected to play a role in building a strong employer brand for the company you are working for. If you possess the ability to recognise talent and convince them to join your company, you can become a successful HR recruiter.

2. Accountant

The sprouting of so many enterprises has also boosted the demand for accountants. Many budding companies would prefer having a part-time executive handling their accounts. If you have appropriate accounting training and experience, it should be relatively easy getting a job as a part-time accountant. Your responsibilities will include coordination with banks and vendors, providing support during annual audits, handling payroll etc.

Accountants and bookkeepers are often perceived as doing the same job, but there is a difference. A bookkeeper’s job involves recording transactions and keeping a business financially organised, while accountants provide consultation, analysis, as well as advice on tax matters.

3. Content Writer/Editor

Anyone who is gifted in writing can earn well doing part-time content writing or editing. Depending on your preferences and style of writing, you may opt for technical writing, copywriting, academic writing etc. If you are able to successfully blend quality with quantity, you can make good money in considerably less time.

Your job profile will depend on the specific field you have chosen. For instance, if you are a technical writer, your job may include writing user guides, instalment manuals etc. As a copywriter, you will be writing marketing copies for your clients. And as an academic writer, expect to churn out text books and thesis papers, some of which may run into hundreds of pages.

4. Home Tutor

Depending on your qualification and field of study, you may provide home tuitions to school- and college-going students. You must not only help students understand the subject, but also prepare them for examinations.

A key decision when working as a home tutor is whether to take one-on-one classes or group classes. The answer depends on your goals and preferences. You may get more satisfaction taking one-on-one classes as it enables you to work closely with your students. But if you want to increase your earnings, group tuitions is preferable.

5. Career Counsellor

In a world marked by cut-throat competition for jobs, working as a career counsellor is both rewarding and remunerative. You may join a career counselling company as a part-timer or work as a self-employed professional. Your responsibilities will include administering psychological tests to candidates and resolving their queries regarding various career options.

For example, you may have to advise students on whether they should go for higher studies or take up a job after completing their undergraduate degree. Even mid-career professionals may consult you regarding the options they have. The job will require you to have deep knowledge about options in various fields as well as the educational/professional qualifications required to pursue a successful career in the field.

6. Salesperson

People possessing good communication skills can do well in sales careers. Sales is the backbone of any business and many of them often employ part-time salespeople to increase their customer base. The job can also be performed from home provided you have the necessary tools.

Contrary to the perception of salespeople as pesky in yesteryears, they are today regarded as credible, creative, and independent professionals who can act as trusted advisors. Salespersons now assist buyers sift through a ton of options to find the right product for themselves. In the process, they create opportunities to make money for themselves.

7. Customer Service

A temporary job as a customer service professional is a great option for anyone who is good at dealing with people. A customer service representative can perform a string of roles, from troubleshooting to upselling.

Some of the soft skills required to work successfully as a customer service executive include empathy, active listening, communication, patience, conflict resolution abilities and resourcefulness. You will also require hard skills such as the ability to write persuasively, CRM experience, product knowledge, documentation skills, and others.

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