7 Time Management Tips For Work-From-Home Employees

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Work-from-home has become the norm since the early months of the 2020 pandemic. Although the economy has started to open up, many companies are still asking their employees to work remotely. Some, like Twitter, have also launched a permanent work-from-home policy aimed at improving the employee experience at their companies. 

At the same time, employees who work from home regularly will understand that it is not without its challenges. Below are a few tips to raising work-from-home productivity by improving your time management skills. 

1. Act Like You’re Going to Office 

Preparing like you’re going to office each day is one of the best-kept secrets of efficient time management for work-from-home employees. Don’t hit the workstation in T-shirt and pyjamas. Wear your office attire instead. See that you groom yourself just like you would if you were going to out to work. Actions such as these may not appear to have a direct impact on your workplace efficiency but the fact is, they offer a sense normalcy and help you establish a routine. Dressing for work also enables you to stay focussed and productive and assists in maintaining work-life boundaries. 

2. Define Your Work Hours

It is imperative to set strict work hours to usher a sense of discipline. While employees must align their work hours to that of their team, freelancers and consultants can select a work routine that helps them maximise their productivity. 

It is important to make provision for short breaks to refresh yourself. You can use an alarm clock or apps such as Smart Break and Time Out to lock yourself out of your computer for a predetermined period. It not only helps you get some rest but also prevents eye fatigue. 

3. Keep Things Organised

Keeping your workstation well-organised helps you save time looking for important documents, remember key tasks, and reduces stress and depression. Experts believe that keeping your surroundings clean and organised also has a positive effect on eating habits, workout regimen, and quality of relationships. 

Pay attention to small things like arranging your files and stationery and try and chalk out your routine for the next day at the end of each day’s work. Maintaining a to-do-list and constantly updating it is also an important way to stay organised and in control. 

4. Set Clear Work-Life Boundaries 

Just because you have brought your office home, doesn’t mean you should let it take over your personal life. It is important to set realistic time frames for your tasks and ensure that they are met. Don’t neglect spending quality time with your family. Watch movies, read books, take walks, practice meditation, painting, and/or develop a hobby. You will find yourself in a happier place with a corresponding rise in job productivity. 

5. Keep Off Social Media

Social media can be addictive and eat into your work hours, making it important for you to take active steps to reduce its consumption when you are at your work station. There are several apps that are available for both phone and laptop which can help you regulate your social media consumption.  

6. Find a Quiet Place to Work 

A good work space is vital to the success of your work-from-home undertaking. Find a quiet place with good lighting and ventilation. It should ideally be a separate room where you can focus on your work, but even if you cannot find a separate room, you should try and find a quiet corner of the house where you can work unhindered for a few hours every day. Avoid spaces near the passageway or kitchen which see a lot of movement through the day. 

Try and arrange a work table with adequate space for your laptop, mobile phone, peripherals and stationery. It is imperative to use an ergonomic chair with comfortable backrest. Since you will be spending multiple hours at your work station, you must ensure that your spine receives the attention it deserves. 

7. Good Internet Connection 

Remote work is entirely dependent on internet, making a fast and reliable broadband connection one of the key requirements for a successful work-from-home experience. Ask yourself the following questions while choosing a broadband plan: 

  • Do I need to upload/download large files quickly? 
  • Will I need to use Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and other video call platforms?
  • Do I need to watch videos?
  • Do I need to use Slack, Teams and other online platforms? 

While a speed of 25 Mbps is adequate for basic internet usage (web surfing, email, social networking, moderate video use), heavier use will require you to pick a correspondingly advanced plan. Picking the right plan is crucial to any work-from-home endeavour for both, saving time and avoiding frustration.  

Time Management & Productivity 

Time management is critical to a productive work-from-home strategy. Having to balance house work and office work can be a challenging task. The above tips will help you manage both these duties in a systematic and organised manner. 

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