7 Ways Telemarketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

7 Ways Telemarketing Can Help You Grow Your Business
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Despite the existence of various marketing channels, telemarketing is hard to replace. It is instant, personalised, and comes with the human touch. It can also help cover large swathes of territory at a comparatively nominal cost. That is why so many businesses prefer to rely on telemarketing for sales and business growth. 

Contrary to popular perception, there is more than one way in which telemarketing can be used. Below we mention all the different methods in which telemarketing can help companies drive their sales and push towards their business goals.  

1. Lead Generation

Telemarketing can be a powerful means of generating sales leads. It is true that it comes with the challenge of cold calling, but an experienced telecaller can lay the groundwork for a visit by a sales representative to carry out the rest of the sales process. Of course, the skill of the sales team is crucial to determining whether the effort will result in a conversion. But telemarketing can help you set up a good launchpad from where the sales team can take over. 

2. Inbound Lead Follow-Up

Telemarketing is an effective way to follow up on inbound leads. With inbounds leads, you already have the advantage of a prospect waiting in the pipeline. Hence, it becomes that much easier for the sales team to complete the sale. Since it was the lead that initiated contact with the business, they are way more likely to appreciate a follow-up call. A prompt follow-up from the business shows professionalism and creates a good impression on the prospect. 

3. Contacting Old Customers

Businesses often tend to forget the old customer or the one-time buyer who had previously availed of their services. Telemarketing is a good way to rekindle that lost connection. This kind of effort frequently pays off, leading to significant numbers of new orders, not least because old customers are already familiar with the brand, and thus more open to purchase. It also prevents these buyers from switching to other brands by renewing frayed bonds.  

4. Cross-Selling

Telemarketing offers one of the best ways to cross-sell your products to an existing clientele. For instance, if a company buys stationery from you, they are also likely to avail of your printing press services. Purchasing from the same seller helps in saving time, while also cutting down on administrative and accounting work, such as dealing with multiple vendor invoices. The same holds true for individual buyers who start trusting your brand over a period of time. Put simply, effective cross-selling through telemarketing can help a business expand their sales with considerably less effort. 

5. New Product Launches

Telemarketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your existing buyers with new product launches. Thanks to its ability to establish a personal rapport, a good telemarketing sales pitch can generate far greater interest in a product than any social media post or email. The telecaller can lay the groundwork for a detailed presentation at a later date. 

6. Gathering Feedback 

Successful businesses always take feedback from their clients, and meticulously work on the inputs to improve overall customer experience. When it comes to taking feedback, nothing comes close to telemarketing. The process is instantaneous and non-intrusive. Customers find it tedious to send long feedbacks on mail or fill up multiple pages of forms as part of the feedback process. They would rather give their feedback over the phone. There are many reasons for this. It makes them feel more valued and in command. Giving feedback over the telephone also makes them feel comfortable as they are interacting with a real person, and not keying in comments on a form whose destination remains unknown. 

7. Market Research

Companies can initiate a market research campaign to delve into different aspects of consumer behaviour vis-à-vis their offerings. Telecalling is one of the most cost-effective options for conducting market research. What’s more, it can also help you target a wide geographical area. Once the campaign is over, you can also use the data you have collected for customer targeting provided you have the requisite permissions. 

A Great Tool to Achieve Your Business Goals 

A successful business is one that adds new clients while also retaining old ones, and telemarketing is one of the best tools to achieve this. The strategic use of telemarketing can help you accomplish a number of business goals—from sales to brand building—to power ahead in an increasingly complex economic environment. 

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