8 Reasons College Students Should Take Up A Part-Time Job

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Working and studying simultaneously may be tough, but it also brings undeniable benefits. Apart from income it is also extremely useful from a career point of view. New career horizons open up for working students even as they learn new life skills. Little wonder, then, that part-time jobs are a popular option in college campuses worldwide. A 2015 report on working learners by Georgetown University noted that, in the past 25 years, more than 70% of college students in the US had taken up some type of part-time job along with their studies.

A similar trend is visible in the UAE where new laws now allow university students to apply for part-time jobs. Speaking about the move in October 2016, the director general of Dubai Creative Clusters Authority, Ahmad Bin Byat, told Gulf News it “allows students to earn while they learn, giving them the opportunity to gain valuable experience and an enhanced skill set that will make them stand out in the job market post graduation.” At the same time, the law also provides protection to employees and employers bringing them within a legal framework which sets standards and prevents misuse or exploitation by either party.

Key Benefits of Part-Timing

There are multiple benefits to part-timing for students. Here we will discuss some of the key ones.

1. Source of income

For most students, the main objective of taking up a part-time job is earning extra income to finance their day-to-day needs, fund special purchases like cell phone/laptop, and pay for social expenses like restaurant bills. Though it is no longer possible to pay your way through college with a part-time job, it can help you raise your standard of living. In fact, it is a win-win situation for you because it helps you gain work experience while also paying your bills!

2. Early work experience

It provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience early on in your life. Internships for students in professional courses can help them gain practical knowledge and observe the industry in action. Another benefit is that it can enable students to evaluate which career is the right choice for them. A bad career choice can be a costly mistake that could ruin your life and part-timing can save you from making this blunder.

3. Placement opportunity

A part-time job opportunity could be the path to an exciting job offer if the company likes your work. Businesses generally prefer to hire known faces to unknown ones and this could work to your advantage. Take your assignments seriously and treat your colleagues with respect if you are keen to convert the break into your first full-time job.

4. Self-confidence

 The importance of hard-work, punctuality, teamwork, professional work ethics etc. are some of the prized attributes that students inculcate during their first job stint. These character-building qualities help them in their professional lives and beyond, making them successful, well-rounded personalities. Students can also enjoy a sense of accomplishment by completing professional tasks. Achievements provide one of the best means of boosting self-confidence by indicating you are making good progress.

5. Reducing financial dependence

It is a big day in the life of every student when they start earning for themselves. It reduces the financial burden on their families and boosts the student’s self-esteem. Part-timing offers an apt means of doing this by helping the student move towards financial freedom. It leads to an increase in self-worth with a commensurate fallout on mental wellbeing.

6. Time management

Balancing course-work and part-time job is never easy. Doing both simultaneously will force you to use your time wisely. You will learn how to complete tasks within the given duration while ensuring it meets professional standards. You will also learn the art of prioritising your work which will help you handle pressure situations going forward in life.

7. Understanding the value of money

 Students have very little idea about the value of money. After all, everything is provided to them by their parents. By earning a salary for themselves, they get to appreciate the true value of things and inculcate respect for finances. It also teaches them budgeting when they learn to live within their means.

8. Networking

 Networking is a key ingredient for career success but unfortunately, it is often overlooked. Professionals with good networking skills benefit from a range of advantages including career support and access to job opportunities. It also helps in the dissemination of ideas and the spread of industry knowledge. Part-time jobs are ideal in this regard by allowing rookies like yourself to mingle with experienced colleagues. Associations formed at this stage have the potential to bloom into rewarding professional relationships that can lead to career breaks at key moments.

More Than Just an Income Source

As we can see, there is more to taking up a part-time job than pure financial incentive. The early industry experience students gain makes it easier for them to successfully enter the workforce. The soft skills inculcated during this period help in the creation of congenial, well-rounded personalities who are well-prepared to handle the ups and downs of life.

There are many part-time jobs going around ranging from the mundane to the exciting. Choose a job that is aligned in some way with your career goals for best results. Read this blog for a list of interesting jobs that college students could consider.

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