8 Well-Paying Work-From-Home Jobs to Beat the Pandemic

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Forced to stay at home during the pandemic? Why not use the opportunity to make some money? The Internet has opened up a whole new world of work-from-home jobs that are not only fulfilling but also bring handsome monetary reward for workers.

Here are eight well-paying work-from-home jobs you could try to circumvent the effect of the pandemic, while enabling you to pay your bills and also afford a few luxuries!

1. Translator

Translators must have fluency in at least two languages—the source language and the target language. Candidates should expect to work under tight deadlines including holidays and weekends. You may be working with a variety of clients including individuals and corporations, translating reports, case studies, articles, blogs and many other documents. Most translators work with scientific, technical, medical, educational, and government agencies but many are also self-employed.

2. Web Developer

Few businesses today work without a website, opening up a plethora of opportunities for web developers. Web developers deal with the backend of a website and must be equipped with powerful computers, software, and high-speed internet. You also need to be proficient in technologies like HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and jQuery which are basic to the job. Some web developers also function as webmasters, providing maintenance and troubleshooting services for their clients.

3. Web Designers

Web designers deal with the frontend of a website, working on the site’s appearance and user experience. They need to be creatively inclined while also being proficient with technical aspects. The job involves combining text with sounds, pictures, graphics and video clips to create a complete package that triggers the desired effect in the user. They may also be required to produce design assets for the business’ social media campaigns and marketing channels.

4. Travel Agent

It is possible to assist people to develop and execute their travel plans while sitting in the comfort of your home. Though the pandemic has prevented people from taking holidays, they are still traveling for business and urgent purposes. You will need to keep to the budget set by your clients. The work may involve dealing with customer requests and complaints, booking tickets, offering advice on visas and passports, maintaining financial records and planning the journey.

5. Content Writer

The rise of the internet has opened up a string of options for writers with even conventional businesses and publications taking the virtual route. A content writer’s job may involve writing news reports, blogs, social media posts, white papers, case studies, press releases and more. Writers often specialise in different domains such as technology, finance and lifestyle. Jobseekers may contact businesses operating in their line of specialisation and inquire about content writing requirements. Professional content writing agencies also offer exciting full-time and part-time work-from-home opportunities for skilled candidates.

6. Social Media Manager

Social media enjoys massive popularity in today’s world, prompting many enterprises to use it to communicate with the youth. As a social media manager, you will help your clients reach their prospects and customers directly at a fraction of the cost of print and TV ads. You will also have a role to play in expanding the reach of your clients on relevant social channels. Candidates require copywriting, creativity and analytical skills to be successful in this job.

7. Virtual Assistant

Businesses require virtual assistants to keep organised and take care of administrative tasks. These are independent contractors who work from a remote location providing administrative, technical, and creative services. They may be asked to perform jobs like creating and distributing business documents, scheduling meetings, replying to emails, making travel arrangements, placing phone calls, responding to media and business inquiries and so on. The duties and responsibilities of a virtual assistant vary drastically depending on the company.

8. Medical Transcriptionist

The job of a medical transcriptionist is to listen to voice recordings of healthcare professionals and document the facts. They take down patient history, write referral letters, operative reports, discharge summaries etc. They may also be required to edit medical documents created using speech recognition software. All that is required for the job is a computer, desk and earpiece. Candidates must undergo a short medical transcription course to be eligible for the job.

Many More Options

The above is only an indicative list of the possible work-from-home options you may pursue to deal with pandemic-induced lockdowns and continue your earnings. There are many more roles you could take up on a work-from-home basis such as graphic design, animation, recruitment and teaching. Even when the pandemic is over, work-from-home jobs will continue being popular thanks to the convenience and cost savings it brings.

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