Earn While You Learn: 7 Great Part-Time Jobs for College Students

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If you’re a college student, you have probably thought about taking up a part-time job. But have you thought about which job to choose? It makes sense to spend some time thinking about it. After all, the right part-time gig can not only help you make some extra money but also help you grow from a career perspective.

Advantages of a Part-Time Job   

Getting valuable work experience in the industry of your choice is perhaps the biggest advantage of temping at the college stage. Experience gained through part-time jobs adds value to your CV and has the potential to put you ahead of others when it comes to finding your first job. What’s more, you could even be absorbed directly into the organisation if you prove yourself at work.

Many students do not know which career to opt for at this stage. These students can use a part-time job to assess their suitability for various jobs. Nuggets of valuable information picked up from assorted assignments can help you decide which career path best suits your skills, interest and aptitude.

A part-time job will help you become financially self-reliant and boost your self-esteem and happiness. Fundamental life lessons like understanding the value of money, the importance of hard work, the value of punctuality, teamwork and other work ethics will also become clear. On the other hand, the companies or organisations offering part-time jobs stand to gain as well. A part-time workforce is a cost-effective means for them to obtain premium quality talent as and when required which makes it a win-win situation for both parties.

Numerous part-time jobs are available for college students nowadays. All you need to do is keep an eye out and seize the right opportunity when it comes. Try and opt for those jobs that will help you advance your career goals rather than those that have no relation to it. Adopting a strategic approach can help you get that much-needed initial boost and launch you into a successful career orbit.

Below are some interesting part-time jobs that students like you may consider.

1. Web Designer

Students can work as part-time employees to perform tasks like designing and managing web pages for clients. The job requires a good understanding of graphic design and computing. Once the website has been created, web designers are required to help with making additions to it and also perform website maintenance. This is an excellent option for students who want to get into web design and allied fields after graduating from college.

2. Mobile App Developer

Mobile apps are all the rage these days. Young students who are tech-savvy may find this part-time career particularly interesting. They will receive practical, hands-on experience and training in creating multi-platform apps for a host of clients. Along with building mobile apps from scratch to launch, they will get introduced to debugging, testing and optimisation of apps.

3. Online Tutor

Online teaching platforms have arrived in a big way in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. To handle the demand, a pool of teachers/educators are required— often on a part-time basis. You can enlist as an online tutor to make an extra buck while sitting in the comfort of your room. It is an especially attractive job option for students that want to take up teaching or academics as a career.

4. IELTS Trainer

IELTS is an English language proficiency test that needs to be cleared by people wishing to settle in countries like the US, Canada or Australia. There is a large demand for trainers who are hired to help the aspirants in getting a good exam score. You will have to prepare teaching plans based on the IELTS programme, set tests, examination papers and exercises, and also provide appropriate feedback to the students. The job can be easily performed in a part-time setting.

5. Freelance Content Writer/Editor

With the steady rise of websites and other emerging technologies, content writers and editors have become highly sought after. They write/edit copies and articles for websites and other media platforms. It is a highly rewarding job which can be successfully performed part-time along with your course study.

6. Photographer

If you are passionate about photography, you can take it up as a part-time gig alongside your college degree. There are umpteen subjects to choose from such as tourism, wildlife, fashion, news photography etc. What’s more, you can work either for a company or by yourself. You can select assignments as per your availability and convenience to help you balance both work and study.

7. Social Media Marketeer

Social media marketing is a hugely popular and viable option in the present scenario. It entails the following responsibilities:

  • Create engaging social media posts for the client
  • Maintain a robust social media presence
  • Analyse social media campaigns and measure their success
  • Develop a content calendar based around new product releases, ad campaigns and other marketing events

A part-time social media job requires 3-4 hours of regular work each day. Students can easily perform the job while balancing it with their studies. This is a particularly good option for those that want to build a career in marketing after graduation.

The above is only an indicative list. There are many other part-time jobs besides these that could prove useful for students when seen from a career perspective. All you have to decide is what job is best for you and lookout for a suitable opening. This is an era of opportunities, and part-time work is just one such opportunity to seize and utilise to the fullest. A good part-time job, strategically chosen, can accelerate your career growth and launch you on the path to professional success.

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