Are you Joining Us for the Healthcare Job Fair at Innovations, Dubai on the 7th of July?

healthcare job fair in dubai
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Did you know that on the last count, there were nearly 200 Hospitals and over 5,000 Clinics already functional in UAE? In addition, there are countless exciting projects under construction or in the pipeline in the UAE. But as opportunities are growing so is the competition to secure those roles. Hence, in line with our efforts to help talented individuals connect with the right opportunities, we are conducting a Healthcare Job Fair on the 7th of July at our Dubai office. Through this fair, we aim to solve some of the problems that healthcare candidates like you often face while looking for the right job.

5 Healthcare Job Search Challenges that Our Healthcare Job Fair Seeks to Address

Limited Opportunities

With job boards and websites flooded with postings that do not match your qualifications or career goals, how do you find the right opportunity?

Our job fair brings together jobs from top healthcare providers actively looking to fill positions in psychology, nursing, speech and language therapy, and ABA therapy. So, if you have a specialization in any of these fields, this fair will bring you closer to the opportunities that you are looking for.

Lengthy Hiring Processes

Tired of long hiring processes, from initial application to final interviews? We feel you!

By registering and pre-booking a time slot here, you get to decide when you want your interview to be scheduled. All our interviews are on the spot.

Difficulty in Showcasing Your Skills and Experience

Feel that online applications don’t allow you to fully showcase your skills and experience?

At our Healthcare Job Fair, you get to interact face-to-face with our recruiters. Talk about your skills in person, discuss your experience, and make your presence felt.

Competing with a Large Pool of Candidates from Diverse Specializations

With recruiters’ attention span limited, how do you make yourself heard among other applicants?

At our Healthcare Job Fair, we are focusing on specific roles in psychology, nursing, speech and language therapy, and ABA therapy. So, you get the chance to impress in a field that you specialize in.

Lack of Professional Networking

Struggling to network and connect with industry peers?

Use our Healthcare Job Fair as an opportunity to connect with fellow healthcare professionals, exchange ideas, and build relationships.

So, are you all set to find the right healthcare opportunity? Here are the event details:

Healthcare Job Fair Date: 7th July, 2024

Location: 23rd Floor, Tiffany Tower, Cluster W, JLT, Dubai, UAE

Registration Link:

Last Date to Register: 5th July, 2024. (Please note: No walk-ins. You can only attend during the time slot you registered for.) 

Open Role, Salary Details & Experience Required:

1) Psychologists – both Clinical & Counselling.

Salary – 30-50K AED | Exp – 4 years+

2) Nurses – both General & Specialists.

Salary – 6-10K AED | Exp – 2 years+

3) Speech & Language Therapists.

Salary 18-25K AED | Exp – 3 years+

4) ABA Therapists.

Salary 15-25K AED | Exp – 3 years+

Here are some insider tips to help you prepare for the Healthcare Job Fair:

Tip 1: Register Early – We have limited slots, and they are filling up fast. So, choose a convenient time slot by registering in advance.

Tip 2: Update Your Resume – Get copies of your resume and ensure it is updated. Also, bring your certification documents.

Tip 3: Dress Professionally – It is a cliché, but first impressions do matter. Dress professionally.

Tip 4: Have a Rocking Elevator Pitch: Be ready to explain why you are a great fit for the position you are interested in.

All the best. See you on the 7th of July. REGISTER NOW

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