How to Excel in a Temporary Job

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A temporary job and a permanent job must be approached differently by employees. Temps must pay greater attention to skills like flexibility and ability to handle pressure compared to perms. They must also cultivate strong interpersonal skills to enable them to thrive in a variety of different work environments to perform effectively across organisations.

Here are eight important skills and attributes required to excel in a temporary role. Try and inculcate them to improve your performance and make a good impression on your employer.

1. Flexibility and adaptability

While qualities like flexibility and adaptability serve well in any job, their role increases when you are a temp. As temps generally hop from one organisation to another, it is important to learn how to adjust to different work environments and prepare for constant change. These qualities can help you settle quickly into any job and start generating ROI for your employers.

2. Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills mainly constitute effective communication coupled with the ability to listen attentively to people. It also includes the ability to persuade and negotiate with others. Since temps are required to work across organisations, good interpersonal skills are a must. The key is to know how to put your point across in a gentle yet effective manner. Good interpersonal skills can not only help you become a better employee but also expand your professional network.

3. Ability to pick up new skills quickly

As a temp, you may have to perform certain tasks related to your job profile which you have never done before. For example, an accountant with experience in preparing company statements might be asked to prepare a budget. In such instances, you must not only learn the job quickly, but also ensure that you produce an error-free outcome.

In order to be successful as a temp, being a quick learner is a must. It will not only help you expand your skills and become more useful to your employer, but also add value to your CV, improving your profile in the job market.

4. Conduct yourself professionally

There is a widespread notion that temps can afford to be lax in following office rules. This is a dangerous misconception which needs to be debunked. There should be no doubt about the fact that companies expect temps to conduct themselves professionally just like perms.

Nothing less than the highest standards of professionalism will do each time you present yourself at the workplace. Making it a point to arrive on time in office and for meetings underlines your commitment to your job. Check your attitude towards the people around you and ensure that your personality always exudes positivity. Dress properly when reporting for the job. A clean and well-groomed look will show you in a positive light. Share your knowledge with co-workers whenever required and also be prepared to listen to them when they are sharing an experience.

5. Demonstrate your reliability

Every employer requires reliable workers they can trust with a task. To showcase your reliability, you must ensure that you always carry out the duties and responsibilities entrusted to you. Even when it gets tough, you must always try and fulfil your commitments.

Don’t get swayed by negative sentiments and never compromise on your integrity. In case something goes wrong, always provide an update to your manager. You may be pulled up for it, but you will cultivate an image of integrity, which will serve you in good stead. Demonstrating reliability is one of the most effective ways to create a good impression as a temp.

6. Understand the company’s culture

Even as a temporary employee, you should be in total sync with your organisation’s culture. A company’s culture is its personality. Your behaviour and style of work should match a company’s policies and practices. Of course, you will undergo an extensive onboarding session to introduce you to the company culture among other things. It is your responsibility to ensure it is correctly understood and internalised.

Opening New Horizons

Working as a temp requires you to work harder than perms to make an impact. Embracing these tips will help you work efficiently in your job and enable you to demonstrate your efficiency. By impressing your employers, you can improve your chances of getting hired again and again and might even be considered for a permanent position. Job proficiency also opens the doors to permanent opportunities in other firms by earning you recommendations from your colleagues.

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