How to Use a Temping Agency to Find Good Work

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Looking for a temporary job? The easiest way to find one is to approach a temping agency. Temping agencies have the resources, network and expertise to connect job seekers with employers. The best ones also provide benefits such as medical insurance and paid holidays, making temping almost as attractive as a permanent role.

Approaching the Agency

How does one find a good temping agency, and what does it take to get enlisted? Here we’ll provide a detailed guide to approaching a temping agency so that candidates may know what to expect. You can also find tips on how to utilise temping agencies effectively to find a good job, later in the article.

Let’s start with the enrolment process.

1. Finding the Right Agency

Finding the right agency is critical because it can get you inroads into the best companies. Besides verifying the credibility of the agency, it is also important to ensure it is the right fit for your job profile. There are generally two types of agencies—those that cater to all industries, and those that specialise in a few. It usually makes sense to opt for the latter as they have better networks and are more cued in to the workforce requirements of their clients.

Candidates can easily find the contact details of temping agencies by running an online search. Opt for an agency that operates locally to get the most relevant job offers.

2. Registration Process

As in job search, you will be asked to submit your resume, followed by the screening process. This may involve several stages including tests and interviews depending on the hiring practices in your industry. These assessments will enable the agency to assess your skills and attributes to help them in finding the right job opening for you.

3. Waiting for an Offer

There are instances where candidates get job offers right away, but these are rare. Most candidates typically need to wait a few weeks for the agency to source the right job for them. There is no need to get disillusioned because these things take time. Make an effort to stay in touch with the agency by following up every week.

Tips to Find a Good Job

Landing a good job requires candidates to put in extra effort on several fronts, from preparing for the interview to upgrading one’s skills, to make the right impression on the employer.

Here are a few tips to help you land the best job openings.

  • Prepare for the interview: Temping frequently involves two rounds of interviews—one with the recruiter, during the registration process, and another with the employer, prior to the assignment. Be serious about these. Be sure to follow best practices for interviewing including dressing well, arriving on time, and carrying multiple copies of your CV and other documents to pass around.

    As far as the interaction with the recruiter is concerned, it is important to be honest. Clearly enunciate your career goals, your reason(s) for wanting a temporary job, availability for work (preferred schedule), career history etc. so that they can lookout for the most suitable opening. Candidates should also prepare well for the employer interview with the goal of faring better than their competitors and landing the job.

  • Upgrade yourself: Candidates looking out for temporary job openings should make it a point to constantly upgrade themselves. Skills upgradation not only makes you a more desirable candidate for employers, it also has a positive effect on your remuneration. There are thousands of academic and professional training programmes to choose from which can add value to your CV. Having the right skills can distinguish you from other candidates, bringing you closer to the job you want.
  • Stay in touch with your recruiter: Haven’t heard from the recruiter in a long time? Just pick up the phone and call them up. Staying in touch with your recruiters helps them remember you, but also enables you to benefit from career advice. If you aren’t getting job offers, ask your recruiter what you can do to improve your chances. Even when you get a job, it is always a good idea to stay in touch and cultivate a strong relationship.

Investing in the Relationship

The leading agencies also provide training resources, counselling, certifications etc. to assist in your career development. Find out about the facilities that are available to you so you can use them to your benefit. There is more to enlisting with a temping agency than finding a good job. It is a relationship that you nurture with the aim of getting more out of life.

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