UAE jobs: Why some employees don’t get hired after a certain age

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Roles that are at a disadvantage

Nikhil Nanda, director of Innovations Group, other than senior management or c-suite level positions, it is surely more difficult to land a job at an older age.

“Generalist or non-specialised roles where experience plays less of an advantage is always more difficult to land for someone older,” he said.

How to get a job after 45?

Nikhil Nanda advised middle-aged employees to add more skills, focus more on technology, evolve to newer practices in the market, and essentially remould themselves.

“Continuously learning new skills will ensure there is an edge over the younger candidates. Employers have a slight preference for hiring younger people due to the mouldability and growth potential of the candidates. If elder candidates can explicitly prove a level of flexibility and ambition, then I believe employers will definitely be more open to hiring them. There is always a large amount of experience pegged to an older candidate which the organisation can benefit from,” he added.

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