What You Need to Know About Temp-to-Hire Roles

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Many employers offer a temp-to-hire offer for temp job openings. In such an arrangement, employees are initially hired as a temp staff – usually through a staffing agency – with the possibility that their job role will become permanent in the future. Although your position in the company is better over the normal temp openings, several variables can guarantee you a full-time position.

How does Temp-to-Hire work?

Typically, Temp-to-hire roles are offered for longer-term roles that last between three to six months. These jobs are different than seasonal temp jobs as they are roles that might require a permanent hire in the future. If you are hired under this arrangement, the chances of extending the contract or receiving a permanent role at the end of the temp period are higher.

As a temp-to-hire employee, you will

  • Enjoy more benefits than temp jobs
  • Not have similar benefits or perks as full-time employees
  • Be under the staffing agency contract during the temporary period
  • Receive better rates and even a raise after transitioning to a full-time position

Why Employers Go For Temp-to-Hire employees?

Company owners and Stakeholders often go the temp-to-hire route since temps bring a fresh outlook to the company. And if they are bringing a ton of value as a temp employee, boosting their morale with a full-time job will benefit the company. With staffing flexibility, hiring temp-to-hire employees can help in saving company time and money spent on newer full-time employees. Training them during their employment under staffing agencies can reduce the cost of training. It also allows employers to provide time to build skills suitable for their company without a full-time commitment.

Benefits of Temp-to-Hire jobs

Employees immensely benefit from such a job arrangement because

  • It offers them a chance to receive a full-time job in the future
  • The long-term nature of the temp job can be a valuable resume-booster
  • You can acquire new skills and training that can help in a full-time job search
  • There is no full-time contract, you can choose not to transition in a full-time role after the temp job period ends

Best Strategy to Benefit from Temp-to-Hire jobs

So you are offered a temp-to-hire role and believe that it’s a company you would like to work as a full-time employee in the future. Here are a few strategies you can keep in mind to increase your odds of securing a full-time job:

1> Follow the Company Code

Even when you are in the temp status of your contract, treat the job as a permanent one. This means you should follow the company guidelines, dress code and perform every task diligently.

2> Show Enthusiasm

Enter employment with a desire to learn and show your enthusiasm to learn newer skills that can benefit your employer. Demonstrating the interest in helping the company can get your noticed and increase the chances of you getting other roles, even if the temp job doesn’t convert into a permanent one.

3> Build Relationships

When you enter a temp-to-hire arrangement, start interacting with the co-workers and managers to build a working relationship with them. It affirms your position as a future employee with chances of getting recommendations from the managers at the end of your temping period.

4> Take Initiative

Start being an active member of the team. It is important that you proactively contribute ideas to the team for meeting the department goals. When you don’t have work, try to be a resource to your team members and management. The key is to demonstrate your value to secure a full-time position.

5> Keep Patience

Even though you are eager to transition in a full-time position, ensure that you don’t ask the employees about it. Be patient and convey your interest in the job by following the above points to get noticed by the management. It is important to show how you can be an asset to the company first before you speak about a future role.

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