Why Temporary Jobs Are Here To Stay

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Temporary jobs constitute a substantial chunk of the workforce in many countries. Though the arrival of artificial intelligence and automation has affected full-time positions, the ranks of temporary and contract workers have continued to swell.

Temps now have a presence in every sector—from real estate to data engineering. If you possess professional skills, you can get a temporary job with relative ease. On the other hand, getting a full-time job could be more challenging owing to the pandemic-induced economic recession.

The Effect of the Pandemic

Covid-19 has accelerated the process of temps supplanting perms in many areas.

The pandemic triggered the exodus of expats from the UAE. At the start of May 2020, over 150,000 Indians in the UAE registered to return home. Others had to take pay cuts, or proceed on unpaid leave, though technically they were still employed.

One of the impacts of the lockdown was a boost to e-commerce, resulting in higher recruitment for temporary positions. Temps were also recruited in advisory, sales, insurance and education sectors.

Even before Covid-induced lockdowns and other restrictions, temps were an integral component of the workforce, but now they are becoming more important. While overall numbers may still be lower than pre-pandemic levels, the temp penetration rate—or temporary jobs expressed as a percentage of total jobs in the market—has increased in many economies.

The pandemic has showed companies the advantages of hiring temporary workers. Hiring temps allows employers to have a flexible workforce which makes their business agile. It provides employers—whether they are large corporates, mid-size businesses, or start-ups—a great deal of freedom and flexibility.

Can You Achieve Your Career Goals Through Temping?

As an employee, there are many reasons you should consider temporary work.

Among of the biggest benefits of temping is that it affords a lot of freedom and flexibility to the employee. If you want to make some quick money for your dream project, a temp job can provide the means for it. In case your income as a temp isn’t enough, you may even work for two employers. For people who find it hard to work for nine hours at a stretch, a temp job is the perfect solution.

If you are someone in search of a bright career, but unsure which one will suit you, you can use temporary employment to try out various options.

Those professionals who are uncomfortable with office politics also have a great option in temping. Offices, after all, are not just about work. They have their share of politics as well that often makes people frustrated. Being a temp allows you to keep away from events that are not directly related to your job. You can do just what your job requires of you and go home at the end of each day, while abstaining from office drama and politics.

In a post-Covid situation, when your professional network will play a big role in helping you get a permanent job, a temporary position can help you develop the contacts that may later enable you to get the job you want.

Even Experienced Workers Are Opting for Temping

No longer is temporary work considered lower level employment. Today, even skilled and experienced professionals are opting for temporary positions to earn income and fulfil their professional goals. Rather than being a short-term option until the candidates get permanent employment, contract jobs have themselves become the goal these days. The pandemic has strengthened the trend of temps getting preference over perms, making temping more attractive.

What the Future Looks Like for Temporary Hiring

Temporary jobs were gaining traction with employers and employees even before the pandemic. Covid-19 created a situation where employers had to rely more on temps for running their business. It helped employers better understand how hiring temps allows them to have a flexible workforce, which enables them to navigate the volatile economic environment. In a post-pandemic scenario, there will be more takers for temps for sure. The growing segment could beat permanent jobs to become the predominant form of employment in the future.

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